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These Principles are the foundation of how we do business. Most were written before we even started our first jog, but others have been added along our journey.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. We strive to be the leading garage door automation installation company in Australia.
  2. We are a company with an impeccable attention to detail. Our work is always thoroughly checked through a series of checklists and operating procedures to maintain work of the highest standards possible.
  3. We believe in integrity – a man’s word is his word. We deliver on promises made to our loyal customers and will not shirk responsibility when it comes to faults that we are responsible for. We will however, defend our quality products and workmanship when required.
  4. We believe in honesty
  5. We realise the customer is the reason we are here.
  6. We always work towards being the best at the tasks we are accountable for.
  7. We understand that this business is a place where everything we know how to do is tested by what we don’t know how to do and it is the conflict between both that creates our growth and our meaning.
  8. We strive to maintain efficient and friendly communication wherever possible.
  9. We do not leave customers waiting. We show up on time. We return phone calls and emails. We keep the customer informed at all times throughout their dealings with us so they realise that they are working with a reputable and quality oriented organisation.
  10. We follow up on leads to convert sales, knowing that customers quite often choose another business or supplier simply because they thought we weren’t interested. We will maintain interest despite the size of any job and will treat all of our customers with the same level of respect and professionalism whether they spend $5, or $5 million on our services.
  11. Learning from previous mistakes and those we see in others around us, we schedule work efficiently. Learning from wonderful systems such as McDonalds, we strive to increase our offering of products and services to meet public demand wherever possible so that demand is always met.
  12. We will hire the best people and reward them accordingly.
  13. We believe in learning and read widely to increase our knowledge.
  14. We constantly ask our customers and the people in our team to devise ways to improve our service and our offering to the public. We also seek ideas from team members on how we can develop better systems within the day to day running of our organisation.
  15. We are here to serve and to help others and we will be compensated in direct proportion to the level of service we provide.
  16. We value our existing customers. We recognise they are the reason we are here today and therefore prioritise and respond to their needs before acquiring new business.
  17. Our working environment is calm, relaxed and often humorous, but at the same time serious when it comes to getting our work done.
  18. We work hard at all times when we are at work.
  19. We believe in work/life balance.
  20. We are not afraid of competition.