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Why Automate your garage?

Well a more appropriate question may be: Why shouldn't you automate your garage?

For those who already have a remote opening door the answer is obvious, perhaps even slightly amusing (but not in a cynical way).

Picture this scenario:

You come home from a long day at work, you've had to stop at the shops on the way home to get last minute groceries because you didn't have time in the morning. You've been stuck in peak hour traffic for the last hour. It's raining and it's cold. You pull up in your driveway to the dreaded sight of that garage door. If it had a mouth it would openly mock you, but instead it just stares back at you, challenging you. On a normal day you may feel like kicking its a#$, but not today - you're tired and angry, it's cold and it's raining and you have three bags of shopping. At this point you have 2 options depending on whether your door is automated or not.

Option 1 (no automation) - You make a rational decision that you need to garage your vehicle to protect it from the elements and maintain its value. This leaves you with the inevitable mad dash for the door. You turn off the engine of your car and remove your keys and fumble trying to find the correct key to open the lock. The lock is now open, yay! You bend down to open the door, it's heavy! You run back to the car soaked with rain. You restart your car, drive into the garage and pull up. You get out of your car and grab the shopping bags, but it's dark and you can't see an inch in front of your face. You are now faced with another fork in the road in our little narrative - do you leave the shopping bags by the door in the rain whilst you manually close the door and lock it, or do you come back later to do it once the rain has stopped? Oh no, did I lock the garage? You wonder to yourself as you wake at 3 a.m in the morning....

Option 2 (with precious!!!):

You press a button on a small remote on your keyring a couple of hundred metres away from your house. You pull up in the driveway and the garage monster already has his mouth open - inviting you in, rather than mocking you. You grab your shopping in the brightly lit garage provided by the automated courtesy lights incorporated in the door opener and stroll to your front door with a contented grin on your face. You press the remote on your way out of the garage, or perhaps even wait until you're inside to press it, knowing that once you've pressed the button that your garage door is not only closed, but locked and secure. You don't wake at 3 a.m. in the morning wondering whether you locked or indeed even closed the garage door.

Surprisingly and somewhat sadly this scenario happens all too frequently - has it happened to you? If it has and you're tired of the frustration, do yourself a favour and call Garage Door Automation S.A. and see why those who've experienced an automated door never go back to manually opening their doors again, it's just too easy once you have one. Ask your friends, they'll tell you...